Birthday surprise ideas for best friend with some really exciting ideas!

Birthday Surprise Ideas For Best Friend

Your best friends birthday is all about being grateful that, that idiot was born and you have their presence in your life almost like everywhere. It is quite obvious that he/she must be expecting something really happening on their birthday or rather, to be more specific, he/she must be expecting some wonderful surprise.

Here’s one of the fun birthday surprise ideas for best friend that is really wonderful and easy to execute.

  • Make a home theater + multiplex = Homeplex!

birthday surprise ideas for best friend

Now that sounds like fun! It truly is, I am telling you all this with my personal experience. This what we did at my friends birthday, just to surprise her and to rule out the tradition of cutting a cake and asking to make a birthday wish.

What we did is, bumped into her room at midnight, with all sorts of arrangements in our hand. Like one of us was carrying a home theatre set, the other was carrying all set of movies CDs and the other was with a cake jar (just to end the monotonous routine, also that we were running out of savings). Also, we carried along soft drinks and all easy to munch snacks and lots of popcorn. And as far as I was concerned,  I was ordering them to keep up with the pace and was walking swiftly 😛

Coming back to the idea, to plan of all these things, it is quite impossible for a single person to set up and organize all of them, so be polite and distribute the work equally to everyone and try to make sure that they are executed and brought as per the plan.

Make sure that you have enough funds to carry out this idea. Although you only have to buy snacks and coke, you happen to be lucky and your mom has recently visited the supermarket, then you can just pick those that are already available.

Now, in my friends’ case, we happened to be very lucky that my friends’ parents were very cooperative and they also helped us execute our plan. If you think that your friends’ parents might find it a little difficult to keep up with, then change the venue!

Okay, after all the arrangements were made and kept ready, we did not contact her a day or two before her birthday. We were simply avoiding all her calls and messages.

On the day of her birthday, at midnight when she was in her deep good sleep, with the help of her parents we just barged into her bedroom and scared the hell out of her and shouted ‘SURPRISE!!’.

We had planned a pyjama party along with a homeplex. We asked her to scoop in the jar cake, made all the required set-up for the homeplex. And we were amazed that everything was actually falling in the correct place like we had planned for.

We spent the complete night watching horror movies and then after that, we played this spirit games, okay all this might sound weird, but the fact is that my weirdo friend seemed to like all these concepts and theories of paranormal activities.

We also gifted her a set of horror movies. And I think it was the hell out of an exciting birthday surprise ideas for best friend.

Well, this was my version of birthday surprise ideas for best friend and she loved it. You can come up with your own creative birthday surprise ideas for best friend.

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