Online Cake Delivery in Bangalore is The New Cool

Many times, we wish to be present with our loved ones on special events, but we don’t make it because of busy work schedules. Online cake delivery in Bangalore helps you to connect with your loved ones on occasions like these. We take care of the cakes that need to be delivered to your dear ones without you being disturbed by your ongoing schedules.

With an extreme advancement of technology, Online cake delivery in Bangalore has become possible and as easy as one, two & three. You can choose the day and occasion, that includes even midnight cake delivery in Bangalore and we provide you with the best cakes in Bangalore.

Send Cakes Online for Every Occasion

We provide Online cake delivery in Bangalore that is not limited to just a flavour or occasion. We offer a variety of flavours/choices/designs/mood that can be custom made for any kind of an occasion. We have served to our happy customers, some of the best cakes in Bangalore that include cream cakes, cupcakes & dry cakes. Online cake order in Bangalore is not a one-off thing, as we also deliver messages to the intended address as written or conveyed by you. Certain occasions begin only at midnight and we know this very well and to acknowledge the sentiments, we offer midnight cake delivery too in Bangalore.cake delivery 1

Order Cake Online to Everywhere in the Bangalore

So you may ask, what goes on actually behind the Cake delivery in Bangalore? Well, the cakes we deliver have fresh ingredients and are of very good quality, as we do not compromise on quality. We have our own set of procedures in place that ensure the cake is, as should be. The prices too are economical and can be ordered online via mobile or tabs or any device connected to the internet. The cake delivery in Bangalore offered by us comes with a system that we have set up to ensure security that makes the whole process convenient. Not only cakes we also provide the best flower delivery services in Bangalore.

Too Many Varieties at One Platform

The cake delivery in Bangalore sees to it that the cakes are neatly packed and come in attractive toppings. Before its delivery, we send a picture of the cake to you. If you like the presentation, we go ahead and in case you want it modified or get a last-minute idea that you think needs to be implemented in the cake, we are ever ready and perform it immediately.

As the cakes are prepared only after your confirmation and need to be delivered at the said time as suggested by you, we ensure that there is very less gap after the cake is ready and before it gets delivered. This ensures that the cake is as fresh as should be and brings delight on the faces of the recipients.

Book the surprise is the best platform to celebrate the surprise parties at your doorstep.

Order Cupcakes Online – The New Trend for Celebration over Cakes

Cupcakes have become the newest cool and have taken the freshest entry among the best desserts needed in any celebration. In fact, the popularity of cupcakes is slowly superseding the popularity of cake and as a result, number of people are choosing this little beauty over the cakes. Cupcakes are good looking, cupcakes are delicious and cupcakes are cute. You can avail cupcakes in Hyderabad by shopping them at the online cake stores and choosing the right flavours. Interestingly, the count of cupcakes in the city has increased over time. Following reasons will easily convince you to choose and order cupcakes over the simpler and regular cakes.

Order cupcakes because they are cheaper:

If you are planning to organize a celebration surprise party or a get together with your kith and kind, but are falling short of the budget in arranging all the celebration, here is a help for you. You can replace the order of your cake with that of cupcakes. Cupcakes are usually considered to be cheaper than regular cakes. Cupcakes are also considered to be cheaper than a wedding cake and the same makes a good choice if you are planning a low-key wedding reception. You will certainly be able to save a huge bunch on your bill if you order cupcakes online as the price of the cupcakes online is relatively low than that in the regular bakeries and cake stores. Just use the fancy cake stands to make them look more decorative.

You can get them personalized:

Another reason that would convince you to choose cupcakes over the cakes is that you can get these little pieces of dessert personalized in the way you want. A number of online cake stores sell the best cakes in Hyderabad. Apart from entertaining the sale of their own cupcakes, they also don’t hesitate in taking orders from all their clients to customize their cupcakes according to their clients’ wishes. Cupcakes online could be personalized in the way you want. You are only required to look out for the best online cake stores to serve you according to your needs and requirements.

No arguing over portion control:

How about distributing the equal portion of dessert among all the people present around you? Nothing would serve this better than the cupcakes. A regular cake cannot be distributed proportionately among all your guests. Moreover, there would always be an argument over the portion control of the same. Thus, cupcakes come forth to become the saviour in such situation. Even if you have some of the big eaters on your guest list – it would certainly stop them from grabbing huge chunks from the cake. A cupcake would satiate them by all means.

You can mix and match their flavour:

Another amazing thing about the cupcakes – you can mix and match as many flavours as you want in order to form the most innovative flavour of your cupcake. Since the quantity of the ingredients in the baking regular cake is relatively high, you cannot carry out for such experiments as the combination of too many flavours into one cake might make it inappropriate for your taste-buds. However, you can surely carry out this experiment with the cupcakes. A combination cupcake is more drool-worthy than a regular cake and hence the same could be done in your celebration to make all your clients happy.  You can find the best cupcakes in Hyderabad and order them online from among the different combinations.

Cupcakes are less messy:

Cutting a regular cake could be a tricky business for you as it crumbles and the icing on it mostly falls off on dishing it out to all your people. Thus, a cupcake makes the safest choice here. A cupcake is considered to be much neater to manage than a cake. The same could be disposed of without making a lot of mess.

The above-listed reasons would surely have convinced you to choose cupcakes over the cakes by now. You can now order cupcakes in a variety of flavours from the online cake shops of Hyderabad. Looking for an amazing service of cupcake? Visit

Not only cupcakes book the surprise provides you with the best experiences in candlelight dinner.

The Finest Online Flowers Stores in the Hyderabad

Online Flowers stores are becoming popular gradually when it comes to convenience, ease, and efficiency in ordering and getting the products delivered. The advancement of online flower shopping is no longer restricted to other foreign lands. Now it has made its entry to the Hyderabad, as the common people are getting advanced with the help of the internet which is the most recent and latest development in modern technology.

The Finest Online Flowers Stores in the Hyderabad

Importance of Online Flowers Stores

If the saying goes like ‘the way to a man’s heart passes through his stomach,’ then nothing can beat sending a beautiful flower bouquet to please your lady. It doesn’t matter if it’s your wedding, Valentine’s Day or any other occasion, the flowers can always be sent to express amendment, gratitude, and love. To the freshly picked blossoms delivered at the doorstep is no doubt the best thing.

However, these days people are busy, typically all those who live in urban cities. We know that many times there is no spare time to go personally to the florists, so we are here to guide you through this dilemma. Continue reading to know about the best shops which offer online flower delivery in the Hyderabad. These online stores will let you order flowers online and offer reasonable delivery rates nearly anywhere around the country.

Two popular stores to buy flowers online

In the Hyderabad, and Flower Express are the best online florists. is considered the most famous online flowers stores in the country. The shop specializes in offering the widest selection of flowers and floral arrangements that can be chosen by any Filipino citizen.

These days, many websites deliver gifts or products for Metro Manila to ensure that the perfect personal service is provided. You can send flowers online, and they will pack your order in their floral tube, enfold it in a non-woven piece of cloth and tie it with a ribbon. You can send flowers which come in canisters, bouquet form, gifts, woven baskets, cakes, chocolates to the Hyderabad with no shipping price.

This shop offers you a variety of flowers such as Hydrangeas, Roses, Chrysanthemums, Carnations, Gerberas, Fillers, Limonium, Foliage, Calla Lilies and much more! Similar to any other florists, also provides excellent floral arrangements for all events like birthdays, funerals, anniversaries, etc.

The next best store where you can buy flowers online is Flower Express. It is supervised and managed by Elbc Direct, Inc. It unites the most advanced technology of imported greenhouse with the resourcefulness of Hyderabad to provide excellent and standard quality in the country. The online mart also functions together with the finest flower cultivators to promise a regular flower supply & delicious cakes around the year.

These cultivators grow, select hand-pick and ship the flowers within 24 hours after they are cut. Their Floral arrangements are created by the professional florists having years of expertise in this industry. They are cheaper when compared to other online florists. Apart from flowers, some additional gifts are also supplied by Flower Express such as chocolates, wines, and stuffed toys.

The most fantastic business establishments around the country have already started to offer the best stores through which anyone can send flowers online. Picking up beautiful bouquets for any candlelight dinner works extremely fine.  The resourcefulness and creativity of Hyderabad in forming the floral arrangements can be given exposure with the help of these online florists in http://www.bookthesurprisecom.

The Best Ideas For Christmas Cake Decorations

Christmas is synonymous to fun, Christmas tree, Santa Claus, gifts, family reunions, delicious meals, a lot of fun and of course cakes. No Christmas is complete without the presence of delicious, fluffy, creamy and beautifully decorated cake. Baking the Christmas cake in everyone’s common favourite flavour, doing Christmas cake decorations and then gorging on the cake is what Christmas is all about.


Cakes have a way of punching their presence in every occasion and Christmas is no exception. Either you bake a cake yourself to caress the taste buds of your family and friends or order them online.

Even though the online world floods with a lot of yummy cakes options but, baking a cake by yourself comes with its own happiness.

Untitled design (1).jpg

Easy and Fabulous Christmas Cake Decorations Ideas

Christmas is the busiest time of the year in any household. No sooner does the last month of the year hit the calendar and the preparations of Christmas begin in full swing. It starts with buying the tallest Christmas tree, decorating the Christmas tree in the most beautiful decorations, buying gifts for friends and family, preparing delicious meals and baking cakes.

Amidst all the chaos that surrounds Christmas, people often tend to overlook the Christmas cake decorations and just serve the plain cake. They often blame the shortage of time as the reason for not being able to do proper Xmas cake decorations.

But, there are several Christmas cake ideas that are easy to follow and are very less time to consume. You can use the ideas to decorate your Christmas cake in the most beautiful way. Here you can also find the best flowers for Christmas celebrations. 

Look for an easy Christmas cake recipe

The first thing to keep in mind is to pick up an easy Christmas cake recipe that can be made in a jiffy. This gives you ample time for Christmas cake decorations. Treat your simple cake as a canvas and decorate it with beautiful Christmas cake designs.

This can be your start to some of the most wonderful and amazing looking Christmas cake decoration ideas. In just 5-6 steps you will have the base for your Christmas cake decorations that will let you indulge in some deliciousness on the occasion of Christmas. 

Here we have for you one of our very simple and most delicious Christmas cake recipe that you can enjoy making on this special festival –

Ingredients –

  • Melted Butter
  • Dried Mixed Fruits – 800gms
  • Fruit Mince – 450 gms
  • Finely Grated Orange Rind – 1 tbsp
  • Orange Juice – 125 ml
  • Brandy – 80 ml
  • Unsalted Butter – 250 gms
  • Brown Sugar – 200 gms
  • Plain Flour – 300 gms
  • Self-Raising Flour – 150 gms
  • Mixed Spice – 2 Tsp
  • Eggs – 4, Lightly Whisked
  • Blanched Almonds – 150 gms
  • Apricot Jam – 2 tbsp, warmed

Method –


  • Preheat the oven to 250 degrees. Grease a round cake pan with melted butter and cover the base with baking paper that is 5cm above the edge of the pan.
  • Mix together in a large saucepan the dried fruit, minced fruit, and orange juice with orange rind. Keep stirring until the fruits soften. Remove from heat and let it cool. When it is lukewarm add brandy and stir well to combine well with the ingredients.
  • To the fruit mixture, add butter and sugar, and stir well to combine. Add the flours and the spice mix and keep stirring. Lastly, add the eggs and beat the batter thoroughly.
  • Pour the batter into the pan and tap gently on the platform to remove the excess air bubbles.
  • Place the almonds as lovely Christmas cake decorations over the batter.
  • Bake in the preheated oven and let it bake for 3 hrs 15 min. Check with a toothpick if it is perfectly cooked. Remove it from the oven and brush the freshly baked cake with apricot jam. Cover the cake with foil wrap and keep it to cool overnight.

Remove the cake and use it in a lovely manner for some beautiful Christmas decoration ideas.

Best Christmas Cake Ideas

One of the best ideas for decorating your Christmas cake is to adorn your cake with wood pines. This will create a wintery cake for Christmas. You can spray some glitter over the cake or spray it white. Decorating with pine cones creates beautiful winter scenery on the cake.

Snowflake Christmas cake makes up for one of the best Christmas cake ideas. For this, you would need sugar paste and lustre dust. Knead sugar paste, spread some lustre dust over it and cut it into the shape of snowflakes in different sizes. Once, you are done cutting al the snowflakes, paste them on the cake and finish the cake by wrapping a ribbon around your beautiful snowflake cake.

You can also opt for stars instead of snowflakes. Beautiful stars scattered over the cake look really very gorgeous. You can give star effects on the icing. Take a star pattern rolling pin and roll it over the fondant icing. This will create the star effect by leaving the star marks on the fondant. Now spread this fondant over the cake. To make this cake 3D, you can stick the stars on the cake. Cut the stars from the sugar paste the way you cut the snowflakes and stick them over the cake. You can further decorate this Christmas cake with beautiful and quirky toppers.

Or, if you have really fallen short of time and do not wish to bake a cake, you can always turn to Bookthesurprise is a unique platform for your desire of sending a surprise party to celebrate the special moments of your loved one. Opt for your favourite flavour and decoration, place the order and you will receive the Christmas cake at your doorsteps.

Special Photo Cakes – Engrave Your Feelings On The Cake!

Photo cakes are really not much designed cakes, but are simple & special for all the persons who love cakes because they are made with their joyful moments in their life (mainly the picture which we capture at the time when we are enjoy with our loved ones). Couple of years back not one person ever thought you can eat you photos and it will taste extremely delicious. Absolutely, whatever you read it is right. You can now eat your photos.Photo Cakes coming into existence you have a new salver on your plate to enjoy your superior occasions – from birthdays to anniversaries, woman’s day to Valentine’s Day and all important days in between.Photo cakes are also called as comestible cakes. This means you can carve your photos on the top most layer of the cake, isn’t it extraordinary?!
With photo cakes you get all the leverage to replicate any kind of photos. Alike for instance, you can reproduce your mom’s / papa’s or anyone whom you like the most, photo on the cake and give her a memorable surprise for her/his birthday or mother’s/father’s day. So, your choice, your occasion & your photo! A pleasant photo cake will be ready for you and for your near and dear ones. The illustrations of the photo cake for various occasions like birthday, engagements, friendships day and so on.
Now, your delicious photo cake is just a click away with us. Photo cakes make an wonderful gifting idea for any kind of unusual occasions. Whether you want to gift a photo cake to special person or you want to pacify your hunger with your photo on cake, you can do it all here. And when you have a cake hankering, you never resist a delicious cake.

Delicious Cake Pops to Make Your Occasion Even more Special

Delicious Cake Pops to Make Your Occasion Even more Special

The cake pops are coming! The cake pops have come! As far as we can tell, lovable Box makes some of the most excellent cupcakes. When you are looking for something special for an event, a gift, or for yourself, look no further, you’re in for a delicious surprise and can also feel good about our cake pops. Go cake pops crazy! Cake pops are awesome, mouthwatering ideas to opt from; you can find the best cake pops for any occasion and every enjoyment.

Happily, the over-spending of cake pops is all in the eating. It’s similar to receiving an individual dessert, just for you. As cake pops are small, they will take less time from batter to baking than in full- size cakes. We are specializing in various texture of cake pops like mini cupcake, boo, monkey, pumpkin, angry birds & more. The cake pops are now modish, trendy and sophisticated with a wide array of flavors like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, butterscotch, etc. perfectly these little temptations designed to make adults regretful and children happy.


Special Gifts for Dad On this Father’s Day

Are you new out of gift ideas for your Dad this Father’s Day? Would you like to give your Dad something different? Although they’re not the most obvious choice, We are suggesting wonderful presents for Dads on Father’s Day and will ensure your Dad knows just how much he means to you. We’ve listed some of our most popular Father’s Day gift ideas below to help you make this Father’s Day memorable for your Dad!

Customized Message Cupcakes

These are specially made for you dad, present these Customized Message Cupcakes and make them feel how much you care&love your dad. Here, you can express your thoughts on little cupcakes.

The DAD Cupcake

Especially for you papa, he is a son’s first hero and daughter’s first love.

Message DAD Cupcakes

Present these chocolate flavor cupcakes to your dad.

Cake Of Love

Here, the is perfect combo to gift your dad, this father’s day.

From My Heart

Present these flowers, Cake Pops & chocolates to your dad and make him feel happy for you.


All your love in a basket with variety of fresh fruits for your dad.

Special Pineapple Cake

This special pineapple cake is for your loving dad, cake baked with your love & respect and topped with pineapple and strawberry.

Dark Choco Fruit Cake

Dark yummy choco fruit cake is for you dad.

Serenity in Divinity

this special flower bouquet of a bunch of 12 white and purple Roses with green fillers wrapped in a Color Paper packing with white ribbon.

Apart from these we online cake delivery, have got many gifts to present for your dad.. Making people happy is a wonderful thing and doing it with sending gifts is the best ever as no reward is greater than a glowing smile.

Happy Fathers day to all Dada’s 🙂

Sending Surprise to Make All Occasions Complete

From last couple of years, the concept of corporate gifting has taken the skyward roll. Many huge organizations as well as mid-size organizations indulge in corporate gifting, particularly during the festive season. For the matter of fact, these days’ small concerns have also started giving lot of importance to commercial gifting. In this modest world we all are go-getting for the success in almost all fields like career, family, status, money and relationships. All of us want to succeed more and more in our life. Every person wants to live a happy life. Now mindset of the people have altered women are educated and can stand in position & status among men. Women’s themselves have changed their underprivileged conditions and rose above. Men have many essential needs by which he can withstand his life and one of them important need is “Relations”. One needs to take care of his relationships so that his relationship should succeed. A succeeded relationship can be the energetic potency of a person in his up-and-coming livelihood and professional growth. For this purpose there is a need to worth and celebrate small-small things in our day-to-day mundane life like occasions of birthdays, anniversaries, important days and dates.

Absolutely to lead a cheerful life you need to capitalize in your relations. Remembering all these important days and celebrating all these days is not the meagre celebrations but this have found a superior ground to stand-in relations. To achieve success in relationships you have to celebrate the relation by sending aspirations through online. Present there are many services available to send these wishes in the form of cakes, flowers and various gifts for different occasions to all the cities across India. Relationships also require a covering to brand it run for an elongated time and fundamentally which gives a person intellectual peace and happiness. 

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Gift Ideas for Boyfriend – Terrific Ideas to Win His Heart!

If you have plans of surprising your boyfriend with a gift for any special occasion, here are a few pointers that will help you let your man know that you can pamper him too.


1. Wrist Watch
A new wrist watch for that Late Latheef would be the perfect gift so that he knows not to keep you waiting on date night.

2. High-end Perfumes
A strong, dominant fragrance would make your man stand out in a crowd. This would be a perfect gift to show how unique and different he is compared to other men.

3. Get Him a Tattoo
Getting your boyfriend a surprise tattoo on his birthday or to mark any special occasion would be perfect since he will carry it with him lifelong.

4. Pair of Shoes
A pair of Jordans or Gucci, whatever his taste may be, would be a perfect way to surprise the man who always makes you feel special.

5. Gaming Console
A gaming console would be a perfect gift for the man who works like a horse for you so that he can relieve himself a bit. And if you’re up for it too, then you can also join him to play with the PS-4 or Xbox.

6. Customized Mugs
If your boyfriend loves coffee, a mug would be a perfect gift for him. It would come in handy throughout the day.

7. Photo Frames
A picture of a beautiful memory you both shared and would cherish forever would be a great surprise gift for your boyfriend.

8. Luxury Pen
If your boyfriend is into literature or writing, a luxury pen would something your boyfriend can carry around with great pride. It would be quite similar having a Rolex or Cartier watch.

9. An Expensive Bottle of Whiskey
If your boyfriend loves to grab a drink now and then, then a bottle of Jack Daniel’s or Hennessey would be one the best gifts for him.

Birthday Gift Ideas For Boyfriend – Suffice His Heart With Your Love.

For the handsome stud, you fancy and love with all your heart, make his birthday special with some unique birthday gift ideas for boyfriend. Make him feel like the happiest person alive on his birthday with a birthday surprise for boyfriend that will take his breath away. Get him stumped with your choice of creative birthday surprise ideas for boyfriend and score some major points of love. So if you have your boyfriend’s birthday coming around the corner, don’t be anxious. We have a list that will get you covered and solve the puzzling task of finding the best birthday surprise ideas for boyfriend. Resolve the dilemma and be assured that he will love your surprise gift for boyfriend. Pick from the most compelling and unique gift ideas for boyfriend and present him something he will love for sure.

Birthday Gift Ideas For Boyfriend – Creative and Cute To Impress Him

Messages In The Bottle As His Age – One of the cutest birthday gift ideas for boyfriend and an excellent choice of personalized gifts that will convey your heartfelt feelings for him. Take a lovely looking glass bottle with a cork holder that contains capsules of love written with words of your love. Let your boyfriend read them with utter delighted with this innovative gift idea for the boyfriend. Share the smallest of details that make him the lovable boyfriend that he is and make him fall for you once again.

Relive Memories With A Dates Scrapbook – Make a beautiful compilation of all your adorable dates as one of the best birthday gift ideas for boyfriend. Write down mini descriptions of each of these dates and post your cutest pictures together. This memory album is going to be an excellent choice of creative birthday surprise ideas for boyfriend. Cherish this beautiful gift and flip through the pages of this romantic dates scrapbooks recalling the highs and lows of your love life and loving it anyway.

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Be His Chef For The Day – It is said and very truly believed that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Make him thoroughly happy by preparing him his favourite food items all by yourself as a birthday surprise for the boyfriend. Show and impress him with your culinary arts and make the type of food he really loves.

Plan A Makeover For His Room – Rearrange and beautify his living space and make your King’s mansion to look stupendously beautiful. Set up things that will make his room look completely in order, and add to the stylishness of his apartment. Replace all the old goods and decoratives with modern and antique setups blended together. These birthday surprise ideas for boyfriend will literally give him a shock for he would be least expecting it.

Video Message From His Buddies – Make a lovable and delightful birthday video for him that comes from all of his best buddies as the best birthday gift ideas for boyfriend. Create an elegant birthday wish for him with an easy online video maker tool. You could also put in a little effort and make a timeline of his video from childhood till date. This pleasant surprise gift for the boyfriend is going to definitely bring a smile on his face.